Advanced Search for Chrome extensions

Do you need to find a list of highly used Chrome extensions with low rating? Or find out the top rated extensions in a category? Maybe even filter by the permissions that they are requesting? Do you need a tool to help you do these analysis? ChromeStats can help!

With ChromeStats advanced search tool, you can now construct powerful search query to answer these questions. With 30+ fields to search and sort from, you can narrow down the list of Chrome extensions within seconds. No need to download a CSV, or write codes to run custom analysis, or wait for a monthly newsletter. With advanced search, you can analyze 200,000 items in Chrome Web Store immediately.

ChromeStats advanced search screenshot

You can search, sort, and view by

  • Extension name
  • Extension id
  • Author name
  • Author email
  • User count
  • Rating value
  • Rating count
  • Size
  • Risk score
  • Description
  • Full summary
  • Category
  • Last update date
  • Price
  • Permissions
  • Supported languages
  • Screenshots
  • Video
  • Version
  • Website url
  • Help url
  • Privacy url
  • etc.

This list is still growing! Try it today and leave us a feedback! If you need something that is not already there, we would be happy to add support for it.

Advanced search is now available for ChromeStats premium members. Subscribe to our premium membership to start using it now!