Useful Chrome Extensions For E-Commerce Advertising

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Around 2.14 billion people made an online purchase, and so running a business is a lot of work. Luckily, there are plenty of Chrome extensions for e-commerce advertising out there that can help you both with your workload and the time that it takes to do it.

What is an extension? Basically, it is what it sounds like: it’s an additional tool that you can add on to your browser (in this case, Chrome, though many are available for other browsers as well) to customize your experience. A designer, for example, might add an extension that allows them to save pictures they find on the web for use on a mood board, or a publisher might add an extension that lets them know which books are selling the best on Amazon.

Because the extensions are stand-alone add-ons, you’ll need to actively search for them; they won’t simply show up on a browser unless you purposefully put them there. So, how do you find them? Most people find them in the Chrome Web Store, and over 90% of them are free. You can also perform searches, looking for ones that work on Android or have over 5 stars, for example.

But with 147,665 extensions available, it can be hard to know which to choose. That’s why we’ve put this list together of Chrome Extensions that can help you with your e-commerce advertising.

The Best SEO and Competitor Research Extensions:

  • Google LightHouse: this will give you an easily-readable performance score of your site compared to other similar sites; it will also analyze your site’s accessibility, give you an SEO score, and let you know if your tech specs are up to date with current best practices.
  • SEMRush: a similar helpful extension recommended by Lolita Petrossov from Evestar. SEMRush will give you a breakdown of your and other sites’ performance in helpful, easy-to-read graphs.
  • Buzzsumo: If you want to know at a glance how certain content from either your or your competitors is performing, this is your extension. It will let you know how many reads it has, as well as give you data about the general engagement, shares, and backlinks of the post. 
  • Shopify Inspector: If you have an online store, this extension is essential: with it, you’ll be able to find out everything you want about a store, including the visitor demographics, information about their products and what’s selling, and even the theme they use for their online storefront.
  • Ghostery: Meant as a privacy extension, this allows you to see the precise ways in which sites are tracking their visitors (and turn them off for yourself). It’s a great way to find out the strategies that other online businesses are using to gather information on and keep track of potential customers.

The Best Writing and General Research Extensions:

  • Grammarly: Nothing discredits a site more quickly than spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly, recommended by Oberlo (and countless others – it’s made pretty much every list out there) will let you know if it’s detected something that needs correcting, and offer suggestions on how to do it. It will also give you feedback about the tone of your overall writing.
  • Headline Studio: this extension analyzes your headlines to let you know how well they’re performing and makes suggestions for improvement.
  • Tag Assistant: exactly what it sounds like! Make sure you’ve got the best tags on your work to ensure maximum exposure. 
  • Evernote Web Clipper: allows you to clip images from the web, as well as highlight information that you want to go back to. A great tool to help you do research!

The Best Customer Engagement Extensions:

  • Buffer: a fantastic tool for posting to several social media accounts at once and recommended by Fundera, this extension allows you to make and schedule simultaneous posts, as well as keep track of the performance of each one.
  • Sniply: when you share something to social media, Sniply allows you to embed calls to action within your link. In addition to the ads you already run, placing those little nudges into other items you share can make for a fantastic lead generator!
  • Streak: a great too for customer management, this extension lets you sort and organize your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities with your customers. You can find out if emails were opened, and the extension allows you to schedule them as well.
  • Yesware: in addition to features offered by Streak, Yesware offers Gmail templates to use whose performance you can track.
  • Boomerang: another email extension recommended by ComputerWorld, Boomerang also monitors the content of your email and analyzes it to let you know how easy it is to read and respond to.

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