Inspect extension source codes on ChromeStats

You can now inspect Chrome extension source codes on ChromeStats. Simply click on the “Source code” button on the extension details page, and you will see a list of files inside the extension. Click on the file to see its content.

When you view a JSON, HTML, JS, or CSS file, we will beautify and highlight the content for you. You can also see the original raw content by clicking on the “Raw content” button.

When you select an image (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif file), we will also render the image in the browser for you.

View source code is available for all users. Free users can see only the latest version. Personal plan subscribers can see up to the 5 latest versions. Developer and premium plan subscribers can view source codes for all available versions on ChromeStats.

We hope that this will be helpful for users to be able to inspect the extension source codes faster to analyze its risk more easily.